Ever wonder why so many women adore Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? No? Well go figure, that’s because it’s freaking obvious. They’re famous, sexy and rich. Chances are that you, on the other hand, are neither famous or rich, in fact, even your good looks haven’t gotten you anywhere lately. But what if I told how to impress a girl even if you aren’t that rich or famous? Well brace yourself, because I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful insights into the mechanisms of attraction you’re going to learn.

Before I do that, though, let’s take a closer look at our “obvious” observation: the fact is, I’ve seen rich guys try to impress girls with their possessions and fail horribly – they either come off as posers or become “best friends”. Fame and money are fleeting, and you know it. While they last, they’re (at best) indicators for the character traits women seek in men. And you can fare wonderfully with the attributes nobody will ever take from you: find your personal value and play your cards right with it.


Attraction Works Differently In Men And Women

Now here’s the killer: men are are attracted physically, women are attracted emotionally. Spelled out, this means that while us men are attracted to looks first, women often go for emotional impressions. Bear in mind that I’m generalizing here and of course, both looks and personality count for both sexes, so don’t become a dirty slob in torn clothes now. But do realize that your qualification standards are not necessarily the same as a woman’s.

Rich men tend to be successful. Successful men are usually strong, competent, determined and reliable. Men with those traits are attractive: they have a direction in life and create the means to get there. How about you? Do you have something you’re passionate about? Everybody does, you know. Go get it! Be enthusiastic about it. Ask any woman if she’s attracted if a man has that sparkle in his eye while talking about something he loves, and she’ll confirm. Don’t become preachy though: and you’re not there to convert her.

What’s Impressive About You?

Chances are you’ve achieved quite a few things in life. Search yourself and make a list of your accomplishments (exclude your gaming high scores from it). Feels good, huh? You’re not so bad! Now you can use that confidence: when you’re with a girl, drop these things into the conversation. Slowly reveal bits and pieces about you – and don’t make a huge fuss about it. “Yeah, it’s a bit like that time I ran my own photo exhibition at the Main Center.” Hey, if you can mention that just in passing, what else do you have up your sleeve? She’ll be impressed.

Leaving a good impression

Note, though, that you want to play your cards right. Rubbing your awesomeness in her face in the first 15 minutes isn’t being impressive, it’s trying to impress. Doesn’t work. I saw two guys at an amateur filmmaker party: one was all too eager to show off his DSLR and commonplace technical knowledge. The other had a confident calm about him, he knew perfectly well what he could do. He would occasionally reveal bits about himself and the rest of the time, he’d show genuine interest in the people around him. He ended up with two girls in his arms, the other went home empty-handed way before the party was over.

You should also be an attentive listener. Turn off your mind and be in the present (e.g. focus on your breathing and be perfectly aware of your body): “empty” yourself and you can take in what she says entirely. If she tells you about her hobbies, ask yourself: why does she do it? Share the hobby or not, the underlying emotions are common to all humans, and you want to communicate with her on that level. Let’s say she likes white-water rafting: it’s about the adrenaline rush and the up-close contact with raw nature. Is she a reader? Then she might enjoy the peace that comes when she sits down with a book and a glass of wine.

These are just some “tools” on how to impress a girl that you like. If you want more tips and techniques on how to attract gorgeous girls that normally wouldn’t go for you, you owe it to yourself to check out Double Your Dating. Ultimately, you have to realize that “being rich” is just not what it’s cracked up to be.

With everything you do, you need to be genuine and authentic: know your qualities and display them with care.

  • manvir sharma

    yar thats not my answerr.

  • Sohag Ammed

    Actually love is the most precious thing in the world. if you love someone,you should know how to respect. A small feelings can make things excellent.If you know how to evaluate love, you will feel great in your heart. Try to understand her & give value before leaving you. Don’t break her trust. Believe me she or he will be forever for you.

  • Vishwaguru

    Pls help me out
    i’ve been loving her for 6years but she is not loving me i approached her so many times she used to say i don’t like u but if i text her even she will text me but when it goes overtexting she says don’t make me get irritated and don’t text me and call me after few days if i text her she’ll reply in soft manner. I think she doesn’t want to lose me as well doesn’t want to accept my proposal pls help me how can i make her feel that she’s in love…

  • Polladhavan

    Girls does not fall in love with a guy who is smart looking,rich and attractive,I AM SAYING THIS BECAUSE I AM NOT A GOOD LOOKING RICH GUY, they only need a guy having a great character,I am not saying that i have good character SO GUYS please accept this and this is an request from me,please don’t fall in love with any girl because love is a bad dream which changes the life of a guy so please i request u guys not to fall in love

  • Riaz L

    @Khushali Amyn :Im such a fool to see this nearly after a year…i never lost confidence.. after seeing your comments…i will be confident till death as u said “BE CONFIDENT TILL DEATH .avoid fear it grows.face fear it goes. she will be yours if u are calm and hard worker.”

    Looking forward to see a smile on my princess face ..love u lotts

  • vaibhav

    hi guys i love one girl from two years first we were friends but when she heard that i love her she stopped taking with me and changed her school after two year in the board examination i saw her again i have just five days to impress her plzzzz help me i can do any thing to get her.

  • samy

    i have planned to write a novel about my love affair with her
    can i do it or not?

  • Lover

    please help me somebody. i need to a way to get her in my life

  • Lover

    I fell in love with a girl recently, both of us are friends but i want us to be more than friends. how can i express my feelings towards her? I’m afraid that if i tell her about my feelings i might lose her friendship too then i wont even be able to talk to her. what can i do????

  • Sam

    The girls were more like moving from 1 guy to another by the way

  • Sam

    I got asked out but by someone who’s not my type and before I got asked by someone like her. Am I sending a bad message to girls ?

  • uday

    hi, this message is for those all who wish to help me.
    I Love a Girl, she is simple, sweet, and of course lovely through my perspective.I love her a lot. The reason for this is the girl, herself. She used to look at me, watch me without my notice, I could feel the Love in her eyes but, now a days she is not looking towards me. I, don’t know the reason, I don’t know how to approach her and propose her. But yes, she smiles back and talks to me a bit when I talk to her. she has some girl friends, are they telling her any wrong to her about me, or else what is the reason. How should I make her feel my Love, and Keep her Looking and Loving me.

  • guru

    i had 2 girlfriends in my life but as i feel girls like fake dudes.

  • Pat

    I met this girl at a party and she gave me her number and ive been texting her for a while and calling and we’ve also hungout a couple times and she said she liked me but then she was asked out by another guy and said yes what should i do because i thinks she’s over me

  • mut

    BTW, I don’t think being totally honest is the wisest step for guys, @mrinal…

  • Roger-DAT

    Im gon be usin dis for de rest of ma life ryt there hommes! I gats 2 say man, you gat dis whole dating isth held up real tyt!

  • tushar

    i am also trying to mpress a girl and i also had proposedher many time but she is refusing to my proposal . i proposed her wih gifts but also she did not acceting then wht can i do ? please

  • The Realist

    @ashiq: dude I think you’re fast-sprinting after a rolling coin…is it worth it? You’ll never know, but really if it’s been that long and she still only “sees you as her friend”…really?…yeah, just drop the chase, maybe it’s not meant to be and you never know, the reverse psychology might work on her when you cease showing interest. Good luck, (you’re very PATIENT! it’ll payoff)

  • osho

    do u belive in fate?

    i can not get chance to get not more than 2 or 3 girl from my entire life.

    do u belive in that?

    help me

    p.s. I make imagine that I married a beautiful lovely understand girl after frustrating of waiting of girl.

  • prince6688

    Be well-groomed.,Have a great attitude. ,Show respect.Have good conversations.,Show interest in her – let her talk. ,Try flirting!She may look away and she might blush a little.,Respect her friends and their ideas and opinions,Have your friends be nice to her It’s a fantastic thing when your friends don’t make a total fool of you.,Be polite to her parents. ,Don’t criticize her. ,Be romantic, but not over the top. ,Start talking to her casually.,Be careful with what you say.,Be honest.,Be open.,Dont ignore her.,Don’t ever make fun of your friends around her If you do, it might make her think that you’re a jerk. Make her feel good.,

  • mahesh

    i love girl she too love me.she is far from me .i m feared that she will live me because of my loose personality

  • ashiq

    For past six years i’m in love with a girl. but its only two year we came more close, now she consider me as a good friend of her.. she trust me a lot, even she told me that sometime.. but still i’m not able to express my feelings… i don’t know, may be i’m not much confident.. and i’m afraid if she refuses to me, then i’ll loss her friendship too… But i’m sure that i wont be happy without her in my life.. somebody please.. please help me.. tell me what should i do…..

  • Rajbir

    hi ! i have lot of friends ( girls ) but no one is interested to become my girl friend so what can i do………….?

  • sameer sharma

    This is bull … what matters is the money that you have in your pocket…!!!!
    That’s what i fell.

  • ashok

    actully i already have a girl friend but she is not like before she is hiding something

  • vasanth

    i still in love with a girl from past 10 years, but she dont love with me because she loving some other person. i know that but i cant because i loving sincerely,and she was telling not love feeling to you, she never i die, please guide me through this situation……..plzzzzzzzzz

  • shashikant sharma

    i don’t have any girl friend please give me some useful tips.

  • sheetal kumar

    i was in love with a girl from past seven years,but now the problem is from since two years i was not able to meet her for some reasons and even when she had some problems but i was not able to help her and recently i met her ,i was shocked to know that she was trying to avoid me,please guide me through this situation……..plz

  • unpredictable

    i am in love with a girl for more than 5 years, but because of an incident we are not in phase of seeing or talking to eachother, even both families know about this, they have also quarreld.
    she did’t show any intrest in me, basically she lives in front of my house and whenever i am outside the house or at balcony she use to run away, i want to talk to her just once.
    i know it is not attraction i am grown enough (24 yrs)
    please help me, i just need a start.

    thanking you


    BE CONFIDENT TILL DEATH .avoid fear it grows.face fear it goes. she will be yours if u are calm and hard worker.

  • Riaz

    Actually different girls have different needs and mind. If you can come outdo their expectations and cover yourself with what girls like and get attracted to. However, be yourself and express to her what you have in your mind for her sincerely.

  • leo

    today i come to know about the secret of impressing a girl through your articulate suggestion.

  • mrinal

    Be honest to her and try to avoid her when you see coming and then go to her and say sorry was busy in work. This will give a thought in her mind that he noticed will he was working and did came back to me

  • Makreri

    Each repetition ought to be smooth and rhythmic.3) First stand erect, keeping reasonable and comfortable gap between both the feet. Now stretch your hands fully and try to bend down your trunk from the waist, keeping your feet firmly glued to the ground. When you bend forward, your weight will fall on the toes of both feet but this is position when proper balance ought to be maintained, otherwise you may fall. When toes keep touching the ground, heels will get raised from the ground. Now touch the ground with your hands, your head and hands should pass through within your spread out legs. Repeat the process 8-10 times. This exercise helps in elongation of the spine and also impart it flexibility. It also strengthens legs.

    Whichever exercise you choose, you should perform the same with utmost regularity and punctuality but never exceed your capacity. First try your hand at those exercises which, you feel, are easy and comfortable to perform. Do not perform any exercise immediately after meals, when you are dead tired, exhausted, bathed in perspiration, suffer from fever, high blood pressure, any respiratory disorder, swelling in any part of body. Your diet must commensurate with Calories burnt during the course of doing exercise. If proper balance is not maintained between energy generated and expended, full benefits cannot be had from exercise.

  • bharat

    i liked the suggestion

  • tom

    This was extremely helpful and well writen

  • Masood

    Actually, there are girls that they don’t understand you if you tell them your feelings, they will act that they are they are the only girl in this world, i don’t suggest you guys to tell a girl about your feelings straightforward, first start from friendship and she will get used to you and then you can tell her

  • Matthew

    If you like a girl let her know before someone takes her if she really like you she will want to hang out with you and sit by you but they like to touch by hands or hold hands

  • Tanay Kumar Das

    You must compliment her at least once per date. But DO NOT compliment too much, that way she may see that you are trying too hard and may think that you only want her in bed. Try to compliment her at different times, not just one minute after you meet each other.
    You must listen to her, either you like it or not. But girls are not like in the movies, they mostly talk about interesting things, not just shopping. Don’t forget important dates like her birthday, especially when there is no birthday party and you still remember to buy her a gift.
    This is how you should try to impress her. I hope I helped

  • Great job explaining that you shouldn’t forcefully TRY to impress someone and instead you should casually mention bits about yourself in a conversation.

    When you say:

    “Note, though, that you want to play your cards right. Rubbing your awesomeness in her face in the first 15 minutes isn’t being impressive, it’s trying to impress. Doesn’t work.”

    It pretty much sums it up perfectly.

  • Barrett

    “The other had a confident calm about him, he knew perfectly well what he could do. He would occasionally reveal bits about himself and the rest of the time, he’d show genuine interest in the people around him.”

    That is part good listener and part mystery. Since he doesn’t spill everything about himself there is still something to uncover later on which I think some women tend to enjoy. Who wants someone that will say everything on the first date and have nothing new on the second?