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Learn How to Look Good For Men

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Listen, if you really to know how to look good, just take a look around you and notice what you like in people. Then, notice the trends… you’ll start noticing that most good looking people have similarities that go beyond just what kind of shoes they are wearing. (although that’s important too)

I think many of us have been trained to look for the wrong things when we think of looks. It’s likely that you have an incorrect illusions about what you need to do in order to look good… but it’s not your fault. Magazines, media and friends have all forced their ideas about what beauty should be and what it shouldn’t… and with a little repetition, those notions kind of just ‘sink in’.

While the fashion industry’s notion of beauty is wrong. The movie industry? Well… they sometimes get it, but I suspect that’s just the natural beauty of the actor or actress revealing itself.

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In order to look good for the opposite sex, you must appeal to their desires.

If they desire you, then by definition, you are attractive to them. (See how to make her desire you)For example, women that appear slightly more revealing and easy going are usually seen as more attractive. “Of course!” you say, everyone knows that… but it’s the WHY that’s interesting. When women are more revealing, men have an easier time processing the idea that they could sleep with them… they just seem easier because they are closer to having less clothes! The clothes teases the mind, making the guy imagine what could possibly be behind.

This makes the woman seem much more fertile and therefore more attractive, on an instinctive level. To further this, the reason guys prefer women that wear heals is because they are already on their way to bending over forward, if ever so slightly. Subconsciously, they seem easier to sleep with to men because of the way they are positioned. As an added bonus, they appear taller, more slender and more submissive (this is the important one). The more submissive the woman, the more attractive she is to a man. Although I’ve seen women do crazy stuff on heels… they are usually more fragile and unstable, which is attractive to men. Read about being an alpha male for some notes on why this is.

So now… how can MEN LOOK GOOD ?

Well, for one, in order to be attractive to a woman, you must seem like a good mate. When she sees you, she must FEEL (not think… feel) that you are healthy, clean and dominant.

What are the indicators that you are a good mate?

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How To Look Good For Men
How to look good for men covers improving your appearance by utilizing what you already have... and telling you what you need to get: shoes!
How To Attract Women Without Acting Fake, Without Following A Complicated System and Without Being Weird

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  • Andrew

    Note: make the style all your own and be consistant to a degree, have more than one pair of shoes that really is makes a difference “they really think that you have new shoes every time you switch them.” Yes I know men should have one pair of shoes trust me it gets really interesting how many times people comment on it.

  • Tara

    You’ve done a good job here! Sometimes men are so sloppy you wouldnt want to take even a glance at them! It will honor other people if you dress properly.

  • http://goggle Toni Thomas

    I’m tier of being hurt,maniplated and controlled, by him. He has good intentions but he can be controlling and,flirty.
    Which brings me to the point why should I trust him at all ?
    But I fail in love with him,and he ‘s GIVING ME THE BRUSH OFF NOW, all I want from him is to be honest and sincern. And to appreciate me and respect me.