Answer: How To Get A Girl’s Attention


You have the personality. You have all the tactics and routines. You have everything you’ll ever need to seal the deal. Yet, unless you know how to get a girl’s attention, everything you’ve been working on will be useless. So here’s the question – how can you get her attention?!

What women, and in fact most people in general, are attracted to is value. If a person holds value, they usually hold the attention of the room as well. However, when I talk about value, I’m not talking about simple monetary value – value reveals itself in many other forms, not all of which are tangible.

One convention that is certainly popular among many people is that of “Peacocking”, or dressing in such a way as to attract attention from others. The term “peacocking” comes from the tailfeathers of a peacock. They serve no evolutionary advantage to the peacock, in fact being almost detrimental as they attract the attention of predators. Yet, the peacock is sending out a message to all potential mates out there – “I have this thing that is completely useless yet I’m still surviving strongly.” The peacock is essentially showing off its ability to survive despite such a detrimental trait. For more information about appearance and looks, read our how to look good for men article.

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Standing Out Of The Crowd

Peacocking in people holds a very similar perspective. By wearing something outlandish and attention-grabbing in a place you wouldn’t normally wear it you will be conveying that you are capable of surviving in the social jungle even while wearing something that may potentially make you the target of ridicule by others. You stand out from the sea of other guys and as a result, women will be paying attention to you. That’s why some men look ridiculous but still get women.

A Good Social Circle

Another way that will definitely get you attention is your social circle. Think of it like this – if you were walking down the street, talking to Tom Cruise, you would definitely get the attention of women. You might wonder, “How can I use my social circle to get me attention if I don’t know anyone famous?” The key is to give value. If your group is the group being the loudest and having the most fun in the venue, girls will tend to gravitate to you. Girls want to be a part of the party, and if you are in the heart of the party, or even better if you are the heart of the party, then they will definitely notice you and want to enter your reality.

A Good Attitude

Your attitude can also help you can draw the attention of women. These women are constantly being complimented by orbiters and being held on a pedestal by guys everywhere. By revealing yourself to be a guy who is not looking to get anything from her and is not overawed by her beauty, you immediately show your value – a man who could possibly look after her and can be trusted to keep her safe should she choose you. Give her reasons to want to be with you in the way you act, both to yourself and others

These three examples are merely a few ways to show value out of the plethora out there. At a basic level, the way to get a girl’s attention is to stand out. It appears obvious but how many of us actually feel comfortable, stepping outside of what are considered “social norms”and having people paying attention to us all the time? If she is going to be paying attention to you, so are many others, and you must be comfortable with yourself regardless of who is watching you at what time and what you are doing.