Best Ideas For How To Have a Great Date


You’ve just gotten off the phone with a beautiful girl. You made plans for this weekend to hit the streets, see what comes your way, visit the sights. You feel a little bit of a flutter in your chest as you think of how cute this girl will look when she’s hanging off your arm. You start making plans of where to go, what you’re going to wear. It’s gonna be great! This is how to have a great date!

As you see this vision of loveliness walk into the coffee shop to meet you, you’re just so excited to see what the next few hours are going to bring. I love that feeling, that rush of possibilities.

What are you going to do to make her comfortable and want to know you better?

How will you make your time together memorable?

Memorable dates comes from doing something different, something that sets you apart from the guys she’s seen before. In this article, I’m going to touch on three things that will help you create the kind of date she wants to go on. Leading the date is important to convey your confidence to her, being spontaneous will provide memories to look back on, and feeling relaxed will make the date nice and smooth.

Being a Leader

There’s a very subtle effect to leading where the other person is going. It says that you’re a confident person. Leading is being the person in front walking down the street. It’s deciding where to go and what pace to do it at. A confident guy usually walks slightly in front of the other person, and is the literal leader of the group.

I used to be the kind of guy who was a step or two behind my date, letting her deciding the pace, where to go, when to stop, etc. I didn’t realize that it set the tone that she was in charge. We both felt like she was leading me around, but I didn’t know what to do to change that vibe.

Now I know to walk slightly in front at a smooth pace. I’m not running ahead of her, or walking really fast. I’m just being a confident guy, subtly leading her to my destination. She will feel that, and let me take her on an adventure. And what adventures I’ve had…

I love strolling by all sorts of interesting stores, where something may catch my eye. I sometimes duck in with my date, and see what oddities and knick-knacks await in a tiny antique store, or take a quick peek through a book store. Even if it’s not my original destination, I can still have great fun on a random side-trip, seeing what adventures await off the beaten path.

Being Spontaneous

One of the easiest ways to help create a great date is to be spontaneous. Being spontaneous is the ability to react to whatever comes your way. On dates, this is usually joking about something you both saw, or coming up with a new plan on the spot.

Having a sharp wit and coming up with stories and jokes on the fly will definitely make her want to hang around with you. If you create good times whenever you two walk down the street, she’ll associate fun and excitement with you. And then she’ll never want to leave you alone!

Some of my best dates have been walks through the city is a great date. It’s not your typical dinner-and-movie idea, and that’s great! It’s something new to do, and both of you can be surprised at what you find. There are plenty of things to talk about, laugh at, and experience on a walk. One favorite thing of mine to do is to find an out-of-the-way cafe to have a quick cup of coffee. You could show her somewhere new she hasn’t seen before. Neighborhoods with all sorts of different experiences surround you no matter where you are. As a wise man once said, “A man could spend an exciting life within a mile of his door.”

If you find cool places, and project a chill, confident vibe, you’ll create an unforgettable experience for both of you!

Feeling Relaxed

Having a relaxed vibe on a date is the easiest path to success. I’ve had girls feel instantly attracted to me because I projected a serene vibe that they couldn’t resist. On dates, I use this to my advantage, by showing that I can handle whatever comes my way.

After becoming much better with women (See how to improve with women), I realized how I was acting before. By not being a smooth, in-control guy, I seemed like a guy who hadn’t been on a lot of dates. That was true.

But now I see how it doesn’t matter how many dates you’ve been on, as long as you act with confidence. This is so powerful. It shows that you can take control of the situation. And she will be very attracted to this.

As an example of showing confidence, I recently saw one of my good friends walking down the street with a cute blonde girl I knew he was on a first date with. I saw how he moved so slow and gracefully, sure of his movements. He was almost dancing down the street, and I could literally see the girl get more attracted to him. She grabbed his arm and held on tight, as he made her laugh over and over again.

I met up with them later that day, and when my friend went to get drinks from the bar, the girl couldn’t stop talking about her day.

They had great conversations and saw exciting things she had never seen before. They had tons of pictures, and as the girl flipped through them, I was impressed by my friend for showing her such a good time. When my friend came back to the table, her face lit up with a giant smile before she kissed him.

Now that was a killer date.

Most Importantly

As always, the most important thing is to have fun. If you’re giving off a fun, positive vibe she’ll feel it and she’ll add her energy to the date also. You should be having fun on your own. But she’s along for the voyage, and that makes the day even more fun.

A first date is a wonderful chance for her to come along on your life adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are your great 20 date ideas?

If you can't cook, go out to lunch rather than dinner. Lots of restaurants have better pricing at lunch time. My favorite curry place has an $8 lunch set that would cost double that on the dinner a la carte menu.

Besides a dinner and movie what are some great date ideas?

Illegal drag racing against the ethnic gang of your choice.

What's some little known but great date ideas to do around the city?

The best date i ever had was at the botanical gardens. We ended up walking around there for about 4hrs. Best of its a sunny day.

Another good spot is that big ferris wheel at docklands at night. There never seems to be many people there.

What are some great yet unusual first date ideas?

If you live near the DC area - The national museums are great date locations.

*Nervous to be alone? Its a public place with many people around

*Its Free

*Easily accessible via public transit

*Visiting museums makes you seem much more interesting

*Learn some things while there

*Its free

*There are places to grab food everywhere around the National Mall