The Things That You Can Do That Women Respond To


Today, I have a special article for you that sidesteps our usual program. You already know that we have many useful techniques, attitudes and a good share of philosophy to help you get better with women, but can we make sure that with all of this, you remember the most basic and powerful of principles? You see, it’s easy to forget: when all is said and done, what women respond to most is – and it’s always been that way – love.

I will give you an impressive example of a natural seducer further down, but let’s look at this first.

Love for “a” woman

Many guys will say they fall in love with a woman. They are looking for one specific girl to be with (hey, for whatever purpose, right?). Watch any romantic movie, and it’ll have a great guy falling head-over-heels for a great woman. Listen to the radio sometimes? Full of love songs directed at that one special girl.

What they don’t get is that their kind of love is conditional. It will eventually work out, but if your goal is to become spellbindingly attractive, if you want to be that outstanding, special guy women dream of (listen to them and they’ll tell you about “him”), consider what comes next.

A natural seducer

Let me tell you about a friend of mine. I can picture him now, walking into a party, or a bar. There’s a girl he hasn’t seen in a while, and he can barely contain his joy. He radiates a bright smile, embraces her, looks deep into her eyes, tells her how beautiful (not “hot”) she looks, then turns to another guy with her still in his arms and says with full conviction: “this is my friend!

Then, he’ll say hi to everybody, tell them how great they look, how much he likes their styles, their smiles, the sparks in their eyes. He’ll talk about that amazing toast he had this morning, how wonderful it smelled and tasted, and the beautiful flowers he saw on the way here, and that store he discovered that sells the greatest honey he’s ever tasted.

He doesn’t care about the latest movies, pop culture news, shopping sprees, money or possessions. Instead he cares about people.

This guy has a neverending supply of women in his life. Even more so, people just love him, period! Sure, he’s not fail-safe. There are some who don’t care for him. But compared to most other guys I know, he’s on fire.

Love for “woman”

You see, he isn’t just nice with one single woman. No, he is one of the few great romantics I know. He’s kind, passionate and fun with all the women he meets because to him, they are all beautiful and radiant. It’s unconditional. Incidentally, many gay guys have the same kind of love and warmth about them (ever wonder why women love them? Well there you go), it seems that it’s just straight men who, in so many cases, suffer from a dire lack of it. People love being around him because he loves people.

How women weed out the fakers

Now, before you go and emulate that attitude, mind this: women have a very, very fine radar for fakers, losers and hypocrites. If you have an agenda, believe me, she’ll figure it out before you even realize you had it. To help you avoid the pitfalls, let me give you some examples of what fakers will do:

– They will “display their love” and then stick around awkwardly, waiting for a reaction
– When they don’t get it, they will display some more love (“and your eyes are so lovely, too!”)
– They will be selective

The worst mistake you can make is stick around waiting for validation. (Read our article on how to tell if a girl likes you so you don’t stick around for validation. It sends one loud and clear message: you. are. insincere. A manipulator is insincere. A lover… loves. It comes from the heart, and it’s just for one purpose: sharing the love you have inside, making others feel great about themselves. There is no place there for “rewards”.

What that means for you

Why do you “want” women?

Because they have female bodies? Awesome boobs? Because they’re “hot”?

I’m asking you today to start observing them. Pay close attention, and you will start seeing what women respond to. It takes a while, but the more you learn about them the more you will see how every one of them is beautiful, regardless of shape or size! It’s everything that makes them feminine – the way they walk, the sound of their voice, the little things they do, the effort they put into looking good. If you recognize that, your appreciation will grow. And they will love you back.