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  1. I like this girl when ever she comes over with my sister she always ask me to rubb her feet when i do we talk alot but she dont look in my eyes she just looks at her cell phone is this a sign she likes me or not?????

  2. Here is my story:
    There is a girl on facebook who asked “Who has an XBox, cause I got one for christmas” Naturally I added her as a friend on XBox Live. Typically whenever I get online she asks me to join a party with her and her sister. Just recently we played Halo Reach together online for around an hour. Next thing I know I check facebook and see 8 notifications all from her, some about liking my statuses and other about commenting on them. Winterfest is coming up so I posted a status asking “Who is going to Winterfest? I am going alone”. She commented on it saying “Me too”. Later I posted a photo I found that had a puppy in the middle of the rain in the street and it said “Forever alone, like if your single”. She commented on it saying “That is how I am feeling right now”.
    So what should I do? Should I give her a sign that I kind of like her so she might go to winterfest with me? I don’t know. Thanks for the help in advance.

  3. We met thru a close friend of mine, they have a history since way back but it was nothing major, but when he introduced us, I felt that kick and from the way she was flirting with me, she must have too (or is a darn good pretender) but with her it always seems like we’re just having fun, like friends with some benefits–nothing serious, yet she at the same time seems possessive and jealous when I become as playful as she is with other men- kinda like she wants me all to herself but can’t do the same herself. I think she likes me but can’t breakthru to a confirmation. any ideas? she’s also very cunning, beats me at my game, i hate this feeling… thanks

  4. There’s a lil trick I always use to tell if a girl likes me…when she seems to be asking questions about me as if to assess my ideals, my personal life and what am into…she likes me 😀 and wants to see if she can get along with me.

  5. Sorry to break it to you, but the hair thing isn’t a surefire sign of attention. I know I do this a lot when I’m talking to people, and it is usually when I’m only paying attention half-way and instead, am thinking about something completely different from what is going on in the conversation…

  6. So I met this beautiful chuck with a big ass n pretty face
    U know….n we text a every now n again since we met
    But I get so nerve as to what to say. Only with
    Fine chicks do I lose my cool. I need help on what to
    Say to keep her interested. We only text.

  7. I can not really tell if this girl in one of my classes likes me, i also like her. I noticed that she played with her hair a lot she kept good eye contact when we talked. We also have brief conversations about sports and school, but i feel its me doing most of the question asking. Also i really do not know how to approach her outside of class like i know she probably would not mind but i just have nothing to talk about even though i want to. Im not good with conversations and holding them but its hard to tell with her. I need some advice on what i can do and not put myself in akward situation.

  8. You’re right. She also didn’t want me to feel that i was the only person who interested in the conversation because she was too. Indeed, it made a lot of sense now. Thanks

  9. That means she is interested enough in the conversation to keep it going. I’d consider that a good sign. She can always say “all right, I’m getting a drink” instead and leave. Right?

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