The Best Pick Up Lines – A Misunderstood Technique


Pickup lines are one of the most misunderstood, misused techniques of meeting and attracting beautiful women. All over the world, people have the misconceived idea of a magic “pickup line” that will cause a woman to throw off her clothes and jump into bed with you.

I’m sorry to tell you that that is probably not going to happen… but the lines do still have their uses.

Different people have different definitions of what a pickup line is. I consider a pickup line to be any memorized line or phrase that is used to elicit a specific outcome from the woman. Pickup lines do not always give you the intended response but they do achieve it with consistency once mastered. There are generally two types of pick-up lines that are used in different situations: the opener and the routine.

The Pick Up Line is Know As An Opener

The opener has a simple purpose to open a conversation with a girl. Ten years ago, the most common opener would have been “What’s your sign?” a pickup line that now permeates our culture. “I need a female opinion” is quickly becoming the new “what’s your sign?” but it serves its purpose of opening conversation. Anything can be used as an opener, even the universal “Hi”, but there is a purpose to using a longer, more complex opener. The reason that so many people use a pickup line as their opener is because the more complicated openers tend to get the women very involved in the topic, investing enough attention in you to continue conversation.


The routine is similar to the opener but is generally used later on in the interaction. They can be very short or fairly long and can be used to generate laughter, escalate touch or simply cause an emotional spike in the girl. Care must be made to make sure that the routine is dropped at the right moment in the conversation though. For example, saying “Hands of the merchandise, this shit ain’t free y’know” can create a laugh and get some touching going if it is one of the first few times she’s initiating kino with you but if you use it inappropriately, it can make you look weird and socially inept.dark haired girl

There are many schools of thought on pickup lines. Some consider them to be key, using what is known as a “stack” of openers and routines to get a woman. As the lines have all been calibrated to give specific responses, people find that they are getting a lot of attention from women, especially when performed well. However, as pickup becomes more and more mainstream, there is the danger of generic openers and routines catching on amongst women. If you use the same opener on ten different girls in the same club, some are bound to catch on as well.

Others consider natural game far more important, since you essentially have an infinite routine generator in the form of your personality. There is far less chance that you will “run out of things to say”. However, natural game doesn’t give the instant emotional spikes that routines have and can either hit or miss, depending on your skill.

Being natural or using pick up lines

For the most part, I believe that both natural game and pickup lines have their part to play. A solid foundation of inner game lends to having the flexibility and personality needed to maintain long interactions and relationships but sprinkling that with a few tried and tested pickup lines can really get you phenomenal results.

If you’re starting out, learning a few simple pick up lines can give you the confidence to approach women. If you’re more advanced, the lines can be a deadly weapon in your arsenal. Whatever your skill level, don’t simply write off pickup lines. Learn to use them well and you will have a valuable tool that can help you through numerous situations.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are among the best pick up lines?

I know what you're thinking..."Sure, he looks nice enough, but can he ride a unicycle?" and the answer is no.

Worst best pick up lines you can think of?

Do you want to come over and eat what my mom made?

Girl: What did she make?


What are the best pick up lines to use in a hurricane?

Ones dropped from Coast Guard helicopters probably.

Which are your best pick up lines?

Do you suffer from mesothelioma? You may be entitled to compensation!

What are the funniest best and worst pick up lines you know?

As a single guy with a small dog....
Girl: "Can I pet your dog?"
"Sure, he will lick you."
Then as they pet my dog "He takes after me."

Worked damn near every time. They do a double take, get embarrassed, then laugh. then you get a phone number.