Women Reveal: What Women Notice In Guys

A Woman’s Point of View

There are some things that a woman notices before she even has a chance to see how you interact with your world (which is important). My friends and I agree, we could really get into lots of different types of men. True, a lot of girls have their “type” but 90% are open to anyone they can connect with. Bottom line, every man pretty much has a chance with every woman, at least in the beginning.

If she gets into you, she’ll find herself saying, “He’s not really my type, but he….”

We know you aren’t perfect and that’s Ok!

Unless a girl is in some weird space, every girl is going to assess each man who comes into her orbit on the basis of “who” he is, not by stacking him against some preset measure of her “perfect” guy. Yes, we have preferences… dark hair, blue eyes, whatever… but I’ve been into different men from wildly different types, so it’s really the “guy”. There is no one perfect type – there are so many great men and types… most every woman agrees.

what women notice

So when we’re wandering around, we are looking at men and assessing them all time. This is what we notice.

Digging Your Threads

Men’s bodies are delicious in all their variations.

It’s no less important for you to embrace your body type as it is for the curvy women, the skinny athletic women, the big butt/small chest women, the no butt/big chest women….I love to see a thin man with nice fitted clothes as much as a bigger dude who’s maybe carrying a little extra. They are both nice bodies to hold when you are digging someone.

There is nothing to hide, it’s a nice body just as much as a more muscular body is and when a dude is embracing his “type” and accepting his type… and embracing it by wearing clothes that show it off, it can start some seriously good energy with women. Women like nice, masculine, muscular bodies, no doubt, but I notice the thin men who wear clothes that hug their body too. I know you feel this way about women. It’s as simple as this — when you celebrate your body, I do too.


Okay the big foggy…relaxed. So what does that mean and how would I know? It’s about smiling out to the world. You don’t have to “wear the grin” but you need to be willing to give one at a moments notice. It’s about being super comfortable and trust me, it shows. We can all tell.

You know exactly what I mean because when I’m relaxed and open to the world, you can tell too in like 15 seconds flat watching me and you like that about me too.

Cool Hair…the perfect mullet?

Do a good job with whatever type of hair you’re promoting. Whatever style you are working, make sure you’re doing that “style” right. There is something about good hair; even if there is no standard definition about what “is” good hair on a man. It seems to be that if you’re working short hair, then keep it trimmed right; if you’re doing something longer, then keep it clean and still trimmed; if you’re really losing your hair, shave it super short so as not to give off a vibe of “pretending” it’s not happening (bald is super sexy), if you’re actually doing a mullet, then damn it, make it a great mullet… no make it the perfect mullet.

What women notice in guys the most is how they feel about themselves. It’s about you loving you so that I can too.