Solution: What to Text Girls After Your Meet Them

Did you know that most girls expect guys to text them first? It may sound old fashion but most (not all) girls will wait to see when a guy texts them and read into it much more than they should! Text them too soon and you sound desperate, too late and you’re not really interested! ?

I used to be the kind of guy who would just stare at a phone working up the courage to text to a girl. After I got their number, I would go into a cold sweat trying to figure out what the first text I should send her would be.

But what if she doesn’t answer? But what if she was busy? How am I going to get her to meet me again? I used to worry about how to do it, but now I’ve learned how to get them excited to meet up with me again.

So here are some tips on how to contact her again after you get her number. We’ll start with some immediate things even before you get home that night that will help you out. Then I’ll give a few tips on how to smoothly make contact with her again.

what to text girls

Right After You Meet Her

So you’ve gotten her number, said goodbye, and left on a high note. What do you do now? Easy answer. Do something else. Don’t think about her. Carry on with your night. Have a good time with some other people. After 20-30 minutes, send the girl a text message with “Hey, nice to meet you!”. But how will she know who it is?

The Call-Back

That’s where you need to use a call-back. A call-back is a reference to something funny that you or her said during the conversation. For example, if you joked about her being a world-class finger-painter, say “It was nice to meet the finger-painting genius of our time. Have a good night.” Now she’ll remember who you are, and save your number in her phone.

Now that you know what a call-back is, you can put one in your conversation. While talking to her, notice something about her and exaggerate it to make it funny. Often, something will come up during the conversation where you’ll both laugh at it, so remember it.

Talking To Her Later

A day or two later, you want to set up a meeting, maybe for later that week. I find that the best way to get her attention is to send a “neutral” text. It’s a text you’re not asking any questions, and is very easy for her to respond to or ignore. For example, you could say, “Looks like great weather this weekend! Get out and have some fun in the sun!” Tell her something great that’s happening to you later that week, or wish her a great time at something.

This type is text is much better than text’ing her asking to meet up directly. It’s much more low-pressure, laid-back, and smooth. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? When you do get a text back, the level of excitement in it will tell you how interested she is. If she gets back to you soon, and asks you what you’re up to, you’ve got a great possibility of setting up a date.

The Low-Pressure Way

The dance of seduction should be a smooth, sensual one. Having the right way to contact the girl will remove so much pressure off of you, and make it easy for her to feel good. (Read how to make a girl feel good) Sending the text after meeting her not only makes her laugh, but also makes her remember you as a very cool guy. When you send your “neutral” text later, she’ll jump on the chance to see how different and cool you are from all the other guys.

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