This Is Why Women Love A Man With Purpose


She gawks at me with doe eyes, trapped in the headlight and willing to get nailed. Then the eternal question: “Zardoz, what do you do?

Well I’m a dating coach.” I say, and suddenly feel air being sucked out of the room. All mouths are silent and eyes are upon me. A trickle of urine flows down my leg.

Just kidding.

Many guys get into the game for the sole purpose of bringing more women into their life. Some excel in other avenues like money, career, health, school, social circle… but I find many, many are lost, with no purpose, poor health, little money (they go into debt for a Bootcamp) and no close friends. Hrrrm.

So why does having purpose in life help you pick up chicks?

Don’t you simply need a cool outfit and super tight game? Well…yeah that helps. I mean, I could probably go out and grab some low self esteem drunk chick, slap her butt a few times and bang her in the toilet. Hang on….I’ll finish this article later…I’m going out.

Ok I’m back.

About purpose. I have mine. I’m a writer, and a dating coach, a good friend, lover, musician, poet, entrepreneur, workoutaholic, etc. Let’s run a fantasy scenario to see how this sense of purpose helps me when I’m out.

Scenario one:

Girl: Hey, you should buy us a drink.
Zardoz without purpose: (Broke, no hope for money till Friday) “I don’t buy girls drinks. Sorry.

Girls make dirty look and walk off thinking I am a cheap loser.

Scenario two:

Girl: Buy us a drink
Zardoz with purpose: (Money in pocket—self generated and rolling in from multiple positive sources) “No, I just met you lady. Dance monkey dance!

Girls dance, makeout, bathroom sex, meet the parents, etc. Of course this is all fantasy but I’m trying to make a point.


The key is your sub-communication. When you are living a well rounded existence, you don’t have fears, worries, excess baggage—you are on the UP. When you are on the up, you project an aura of success. It’s a magnetic force that will draw in more positive energy. Ghandi knew this…and look at his life!

Do this if you have no purpose

Now what do you do when you have no purpose? Maybe you are young, a student, or old and just beginning your transformation. First thing first—draw a map. Grab a pen and paper (I prefer this more kinesthetic approach,) and get comfy.

1. Write your ideal fantasy lifestyle five years in the future. If that involves a midget butler, seven wives and a hilltop mansion, so be it. Don’t let reality limit your imagination. How much money do you have, how confident are you, who are your close friends? You are looking for a lifestyle. (See building a lifestyle that women find attractive)

2. Read it and ask yourself: “What can I do today that will put me on this path?

That’s the beginning. You can’t achieve any goals if you don’t know what the goals are. It’s like building a house without a blueprint; you would end up standing around the construction site drooling, swinging your hammer like an invalid.

When you rock, the world watches

When a man is on the UP and is taking charge of his reality—people of power and beauty will be drawn in. It’s a celebrity effect and it spills out in every action, every word. The way you react to all situations will be affected. This is part of being the man women desire, as your confidence and purpose become magnetic.

If you can’t figure out a career path, you can make a simple step. Even if it’s merely hitting the gym, or cleaning your room, or doing your taxes. One simple forward movement other than slothing in entertainment mode. Video games, movies, books, drugs; these are all forms of escape. If you live in entertainment mode you will project a lack of purpose, and this will not help you to grow, or get laid. Do something. Right now. Action is the first step. Purpose will follow action. Women will follow purpose. Get up, go, do something right now. Remember, what women find attractive often includes a man with drive and ambition, so cultivating these qualities can significantly boost your appeal. Action is the first step. Purpose will follow action. Women will follow purpose. Get up, go, do something right now.