The Road to Becoming Successful With Women


Silently nod if you’re with me here. You know those conversations where men and women complain to each other how terribly hard it is to get great partners into their life? Women wish they would find somebody that sweeps them off their feet.

They’re frustrated – and so are men, because they’re constantly turned down or something that starts great fizzles into oblivion before it goes anywhere. Women have their means of being attractive, and you, as a man, are here because you want to learn your own skills. And while you do so, there is one thing you realize: it’s a long road from stranger to lover. Today, I’d like to talk to you about keeping your motivation up through the bad times. As you embark on the journey to become a desirable man, you will face challenges and setbacks, but it’s crucial to persevere – no matter what.

Is it worth the pain?

I’m not here to discourage you, on the contrary. Unless you are naturally successful with women, nothing is more important than learning how to improve with women. Yes, it’s a skill, and mastering it will be beneficial to both you and the women you meet. However, do not kid yourself into believing that this is an easy one to acquire.


Learn your skill step by step

As you practice, you take things in steps: at first, you may not even know how to approach a woman, you need to get over your anxiety. From there, you want to learn how to start an actual conversation, then how to keep her interested, fascinate her, get her to want to see you again (if you want to see her again). Once you have that down, don’t even dare think that the deal is done. Now you need to learn not to actually get that date, always keeping out of the “friends” zone, then progress from there…

Take every step… step by step.

When you are in any particular interaction with a woman, you’re “taking steps” on two levels: on the grand scheme of things, you’re moving a bit closer to your ultimate goal of being truly successful with women, as described above. At the same time, though, the interaction itself is composed of small steps. You approach, create comfort, rapport, tension… The most important thing is: focus on the step you’re taking right now, not any desired outcome in the future. That way, you’ll never “lose”.

Theory vs. Practice

It’s easy: both are necessary. You can read all books ever written on Martial Arts, but you’re still going to suck at it – but practicing without getting the theory into your head is going to leave you beaten up, right? It’s the same with attracting women. Go and read our articles, watch videos, listen to web seminars and interviews, check out David DeAngelo’s material, absorb what the Seduction Community has to give. Familiarize yourself with other material to get “life skills” – Emotional Intelligence, The Law of Attraction, Psychology.

But eventually, you need to go out and jump into interactions with people. Nobody is going to do it for you, and the sooner you do it, the better! Ideally, take advice from an article or book and go out just to practice that particular bit. With all this in mind, never forget: it’s a long road from stranger to lover. You have bridges to cross, obstacles to overcome, and defeats to cope with. This journey is part of a broader guide to a better life, where personal growth extends beyond just dating. It’s not easy, and rejection and failure can bear hard – that’s when it’s most important to keep your motivation up and hang in there. Never give up!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who really has a higher chance of success with women red or blue pill men?

I would say most blues prob have a better starting point which is why they are more successful

But I thihnk if the question was more like "if you were given a black pill incel friend to be your padawan and its your job to make him successful with women, who would do it better? Red or blue?" Than I think red would win, they are much better at tapping into the most motivational emotions and wont fill your mind with feminist propaganda

Will being more nice kind and generous improve a man's success with women?

If niceness comes from a place of strength it works in your favor. If it comes from a weakness (for example fears confrontation) it's negative. The first would be called charismatic, the later self denying.

And this whole talk about niceness is so stupid. People often conflate self assertive behavior with asshole behavior and self denying as nice while it's doormat shit. Meeting the niceness threshold is hella easy, virtually NO one is such an asshole that he isn't nice enough for a woman.

Can a guy who had never success with women go mgtow?

You lucky sonofabitch. All jokes aside, focus on you and you only. Build yourself into a self sufficient man who relies on himself.

What has been the key to your success with women?

Success without women. Having your shit together can make up for a lot of otherwise unattractive qualities.

Are there short men here who have found success with women?

I found success with "a" woman.... Mrs. MagicTire. Almost forty years ago; still going strong. I have no idea what she saw in me, though-- short, can't dance, ugly, and dull as dishwater. Maybe I'm just a decent guy.