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As you can imagine, I receive hundreds of emails per week from fans, students and curious people that are looking to improve their lives with women. Some of the questions range from “how can I get this girl to love me?” to the little more extreme “I have been crazy about this girl for 12 years, I know everything about her but have never talked to her… what can I do?”.

Well, I’m here to let you know, that pickup, or attracting women, isn’t always the answer. Instead, we’re going to take a small detour that will guide you towards a better life, focusing on personal growth and self-improvement.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is actually take a break from chasing girls left and right, and take a little time for yourself. This self-reflection can be incredibly valuable for personal development. In fact, sometimes you need to take a lot of time off for yourself in order to get your life together.

Imagine a jobless, overweight, alcoholic and homeless man trying to pick up girls. This man reads everything he can about seduction, learns ‘tricks’ in order to impress women and goes out 5 nights a week because he feels a need and a desire for women.

Well, listen up!

We all have a desire for women.

We all have a need to be loved, to find someone special.

A Step In The Right Direction

But sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself, is work on yourself first.

It’s ironic that a dating coach would recommend that you do not take dating lessons, but instead, work on other, more critical things first. My intentions are to help you, as a human being, from one man to another, and there are things that seduction just can’t fit. Instead, it’s crucial to create an abundance mentality and focus on overall life improvement.

For instance, if you are chronically depressed, have serious health issues, anger issues and/or addictions then this is not the right place to start. Instead, there are resources available for you such as psychologists and some good rehab centers.

True, I have seen some amazing transformations in my time. I have seen guys go from being completely clueless to being seriously attractive in a matter of months. The truth is, they already had a good foundation to do it.

What pickup will help you with:

– If you’re shy, and you want to overcome your fear. (Approaching strangers)
– If you want to know what attracts people to others.
– If you want meet more people, and have a great social life.
– If you’re looking to become a better man, one that stands up for himself.
– If you just want to have fun, and are looking for ideas to use when you go out.
– For more, read the effects of pickup on men

I welcome you with open arms if this is what you are searching for. There are plenty of resources available that will you come out of your shell, and discover your full potential. Seduction pushes you past your comfort zone into new situations that are both exhilarating and fun. It helps you understand why some people act in certain ways, and why others don’t. It can change your life for the better, but it can’t fix everything.

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Chris Calo
Started off as a dirt poor dating coach before becoming one of the leading dating experts. I still don't see myself as some crazy player but just a normal guy that loves the game. My goal is to help you find the woman of your dreams. Follow me on Twitter