It’s a shame that most men don’t know a thing about how to talk to a woman. With these few basic guidelines, you’ll be chatting it up with all the most attractive women in no time. The trick with talking to girls is with the subtleties.

The first rule of talking with women is to replace the word “talk” with the word “communication”. When you adopt the idea that you want to communicate with another human being, it takes the emphasis off the words themselves, which are only a small part of communication anyways.

Real communication is actually 20% words and 80% body language & tonality.

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it”

So let’s get the words out of the way first, since it’s the easiest and it’s likely that you want to know that anyways. We’ll save the best (the other 80%) for later!

The words that you say should be simple, interesting and unexpected. How boring is this conversation?

– hi
= Hello
– How are you ?
= Good, and you ?
– Pretty good.
= Ok

Instead, painting pictures with words, triggering the imagination and using interesting words will always provide better conversation.

– Why hello there!
= Hello to you too!
– How are you on this semi-cloudy and mildly humid day ?
= Good! You ?

The second conversation has a lot more flow, and although you wouldn’t always talk like this, it’s a good way to start a conversation with an otherwise boring topic (the weather). If you can paint pictures with your words, people will have a much more enjoyable time speaking to you.

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  • John

    In fact, in one hand my wife is sick and in other hand she can not give me much time as 6 years happened. I require company and can not live alone. As I like a woman who is dentist and whenever I visit her, she ask me many questions as I understand what she want. Please advise me what and how to talk with her.

  • Andy

    I understand that you are trying to help people, but its difficult when all women think is “This guy just wants to have sex with me”! Also if you have no confidence whatsoever!!