You’ve just done your approach perfectly. The girl is beautiful and all her attention is on you as she waits expectantly for you to say something to her. You open your mouth, suave and smooth like James Bond when you suddenly realize – you have no idea what to talk about with girls. Sound like a familiar situation? It’s a question that many men ask themselves – how can they maintain a conversation with a beautiful stranger, one that will keep women engaged and emotionally invested as they get to know each other.

One thing to understand is that it is not so important what you say but rather how you say it. The delivery is far more important than the content. Consider saying “Hi, my name is John” very shyly, with your body all closed in, and saying the same thing except with your chest thrust out in a powerful voice. How you deliver what you have to say makes a very big difference.

Being Passionate When You Speak

The way to deliver something confidently and with strength is to talk about something that you are passionate about and want to talk about, and in fact this is what your aim should be in any interaction; to talk about what you want to talk about. When girls hear the conviction and excitement in your voice and realize you’re talking about something you love, they are being given an invitation into your world, not a world where you are trying to impress them or seduce them but a world where you are completely genuine, something that women find very attractive.

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There are certain topics that will hook a woman’s attention far more effectively than others. One theme that usually piques a woman’s curiosity are emotionally charged topics such as relationships, drama, and general social dynamics. These topics will hook a woman’s attention and in fact, a lot of classic pickup lines are built around an opener that involves these topics, but for them to work effectively, you must be invested in these topics yourself. It’s no use asking about your best friend’s cheating girlfriend if you really don’t care about their answer – take their response and simply continue the conversation off that. The branching possibilities are limitless and you can choose to lead the conversation in any specific way that you desire.

What Type of Humor To Use

Another thing that will improve your interactions is humor. This is not to say that you should be spouting joke after joke in an attempt to make her laugh – on the contrary, this is simply seeking a reaction from a woman and is more likely to make you seem like a try-hard. Instead, seek to amuse yourself. Anything can be funny if you look at it in the right way, and if you can find fun and enjoyment in everything around you, women will love you. This is not to say that you must never tell a joke though – if you think a joke is funny and want to share it with the woman, by all means go ahead. You’re sharing your sense of humor and what you find funny with her and women will love you for that.

Topics To Avoid

People often wonder if deep, personal topics have a place in conversation with women. Yes, they do, but only at the right time. If your try and get very deep and personal in the first few minutes of meeting someone new, people will get slightly creeped out. If, on the other hand, you wait until you’re both enjoying each other’s company and want to get to know each other better then such emotionally heavy topics can build a strong rapport between the two of you. Gentlemen, don’t talk about euthanasia and politics, no matter how passionate you are about those topics – those things are only going to give you arguments and bad feelings. Talk about feelings and emotions that you have, life experiences and personal stories. These are the type of things that will build a strong sense of trust and comfort in women.

Women don’t want you to try and invade their world with interrogation-like questions. They want to experience your reality, be a part of your party. Your conversation should be a gateway into your world and you should talk to women about topics that interest you and help you build that strong connection with her. What to talk about with girls should ultimately be an expression of you, because this is the person you want the girl to get to know.

  • Estie

    That’s IT!! AMUSE YOURSELF! that should be the objective in mind when starting a conversation/continuing a conversation. Thanks!

  • Doc

    Every man worth his salt should take this litmus test, it makes too much sense to not be true or not work, much worth the time, and i thank the writer.

  • Ec

    I really like this girl and my friends told me that she said she wad really into me already. So I just need to follow these rules then?

  • chris

    Gerrard, most women are not really interested in talking about sports unless they are involved in one or just enjoy sports (which there are some that do enjoy watching sports). I still think you can bring up sports, but make it fun and interesting, not about the facts of the sports. Women don’t wanna hear about how many home runs So and So hit, but they might care about how you had a great time at the game where so and so hit the home run and you almost caught it.

    It is not so much about the topic you are talking about, it is how you present the topic. women will respond much better when you talk about the emotions of a particular event than if you talk about the facts of the event. And the most important part of it all, be sincere in your talking about the emotions and event, you will garner a lot of attention by being sincere.

  • Gerrard

    my moms friend brought this girl over to my house like twice, she is like 1 year younger then me but hot as hell. she looks really shy when we make eye contact but i am still not sure if she likes me or not. I also dont know how to talk to her. I talked to her once but not for long because i didnt know what to talk about. now she probably thinks “im not her type” but I think i’ll give it another shot. this article helped me alot but still i dont know what to take about. would girls be intrested in sports??

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    Man this totally helped. It helped me realize as long as I have something to talk about and have the confidence I can make a practical conversation with anyone. Especially my girlfriend who I’m always so nervous to talk to on the phone.

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    I’m overwhelmed 4 joy dat i tried it after reading ur tips and it worked.

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    I like the information provided, im rather shy and i really like this girl, but im unsure if she knows, and the confidence lvl is low because i dont know if she is interested, any tips?

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    i know a girl who i really like. but she doesnt know me. i have her phone number and want to ask her out. can u please suggest how to do it???

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    i do agree with u but i think most of its self confidence and humour to be honest and anyway i act on instinct when talking to girls

  • jeff

    Guys here’s the thing, women are way too picky. They should come to us, not us coming to them like we’re their dog or something. Talking to a girl and making her laugh will most likely get her to like you, but for those of us who are not funny guys and can’t make women laugh what you have to do is find a girl who is at the very least somewhat good looking and make sure she just got out of a bad relationship or she might be insecure. Talk to her a little, then when the moment is right have sex with her. Having sex with a girl will always make them fall in love with you. Almost always guaranteed. Girls have a different reaction to sex than guys do. For guys it’s just another good time, but for girls it’s a connection, a moment of feeling like they need to be with you. They will fall in love with you after you have sex with them. So that’s my advice. Girls are too demanding and picky, if every guy would just stop flirting with them then maybe they would feel compelled to get off their ass and make the first move for once and settle for whatever kind of guy they get. My advice is to not flirt. Make them come to you.

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    well, how do i maintain a relationship?

  • Michael Adams

    I think you have to be careful here. There is a fine line between talking about something you are passionate about, and talking too much about yourself, which will turn women off.

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    Haha oh my god does anyone see the relevance of his name being Rasputin? Great article and such a clever name 😉

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    Interesting. When I think back on successful conversations with girls, I think of conversations about relationship problems, etc. and think “Man I bet I sounded like a real whiner”.

    So I look around the web for conversation topics, and you say “emotionally charged topics such as relationships, drama, and general social dynamics”! That’s the same thing!

    But now that I look at it from that perspective, it makes sense, and maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to do after all.

  • VBV

    The key sentence is- “try to talk about feelings and emotions..” talk about her feelings and try to share them and make her SMILE every time you talk to her

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    i feel so much better lets hope i continue the confidence when i wake up tommorow but i feel so much better beacause these are things that i was afraid id never overcome

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    So I came across this article cause I was looking for something for a friend. I decided to read this article and I would like to give my perspective on this subject. Ok so if you’re just starting off or just afraid to talk to women and you want to learn a thing or two then this is a good place to start. This article has great tips and suggestions. I personally like pick-up lines and I think they are funny but that is just my opinion. Women will like funny, confident guys who can carry a conversation with a good personality. Don’t really know how to end this so anyway good article.

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    I really think your ideas are good, but what if the girl only talks about herself and doesn’t care about u?

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    Great article Razz!

    You make some really good points, seeking to amuse yourself is a great way to create a humorous environment that she’ll enjoy as much as you do!